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Welcome to the team Jade!

We're delighted to welcome Jade, our new Senior Entertainment Leader for Basingstoke! Jade brings with her an educational background in Phychology and Health and Social Care with a particular focus on Children's health.

"I am looking forward to seeing what ideas Jade puts forward for Pop and Play Basingstoke. During interview, Jade demonstrated an outstanding passion for creating MIND BLOWING events and I cannot wait to see how this is replicated for Pop and Play!" - Sammie, Director, Pop and Play Ltd

Jade's Introduction I am very excited to be joining the Pop and Play team. I'm a mum of two girls; Felicity, who’s almost 3 and Phoebe, who is almost 1. They are both my entire world and the greatest achievement I will ever have the pleasure of loving for the rest of my life. I also LOVE all animals, especially dogs...and it's a good job, since I have seven dachshunds! My adored dogs bring a whole new level of fun and adventure to our home, ensuring there's never a dull moment. I have a passion for both children and animals and believe and advocate for all living creatures to have the best quality of life possible, in an enriching environment filled with fun, learning and personal growth. So with that in mind, I am so proud to have the honour of supporting your children’s learning and development through the medium of #roleplay with Pop and Play Ltd. I believe in the importance of creating a safe space for children, to be able to explore the depths of their imagination. I will help develop their internal framework of understanding and provide the support required to better help build their confidence and encourage their external play...simply by making them feel seen and heard.

At home, I love to play with my daughters and every time I hear “Mummy will you play with me?” my heart does a little dance. I just love to jump at the opportunity to discover which uncharted part of their imagination we will explore today. I Look forward to sharing the same enthusiasm with your children at our role play sessions and can not wait to discover where your child’s imagination will take us. Love, Jade Senior Entertainment Leader Pop and Play Ltd

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